Our Expertise

Corporate Litigation

PKA represents a wide array of domestic and international clients in connection with disputes pertaining to commercial and business issues, contracts, warranties, securities, winding up

Indirect Taxation

The Firm advises clients across a wide spectrum of tax and regulatory laws including those related to excise duty, customs duty, service tax and value added tax/central sales tax. PKA‘s tax practice

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Criminal Law

The Firm has considerable experience and expertise in handling matters pertaining to economic offences, money laundering and white collar crimes. We are representing and advising

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Information Technology

The Firm handles issues arising under the Information Technology Act including resolution of disputes relating to domain names, cyber crimes, etc. The Firm has developed a deep understanding

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News & Updates

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The Real Estate (Regulation And Development) Act, 2016

THE REAL ESTATE(REGULATION AND DEVELOPMENT)ACT, 2016  Introduction After a lot of opposition,...

Now Service Tax is 14%

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